Introducing Myself

Hi there and thank you for landing upon my blog.

I have started this blog to write to my heart’s content and actually do something productive besides binge watch GLEE on Netflix. You might want to get off of this blog now since I just said I watch GLEE; however, I am a person of many different interests and abilities and I believe that I can write some things to get you thinking.

I want to be a writer. I have always enjoyed writing freely since I was in the fifth grade. I even started writing my first novel story when I was eleven. I absolutely love being able to create images and stories with characters that I have complete control of. Being the brains of the entire operation makes me feel powerful, yet responsible for the reader’s comprehension as well.

I’ve also always enjoyed reading as well. Reading a book and getting connected with the characters has always been my favorite part. Then you get so into the story that when it’s over, you feel as if you wish it wasn’t and you can go be with those characters in real life. You can’t. That’s the heartbreaking thing about it.

Excuse me for rambling on so much, but I will say that I’m apologizing in advance for my stories considering they won’t really be coherent with the other.

Maybe by reading, you will accept my apology.


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